Sheffield Wednesday Shirts

We take a look at Sheffield Wednesday shirts from the football clubs history right up to present day.

There are just so many great kits that the football club have had over the years. There have also been bad kits, shirts, shorts and socks.

Sheffield Wednesday Shirts
Sheffield Wednesday Shirts

Questions about Sheffield Wednesday Shirts

For instance should Sheffield Wednesday shirts have a collar or not?

Should it have a central blue stripe or a central white stripe?

Should Sheffield Wednesday Shirts have stripes at all?

So we thought we’d set out to find which are the best of the Sheffield Wednesday shirts designs and find out what makes them great.

We also take a look at the worst Sheffield Wednesday replica shirt designs and wonder why the heck we bought them! Some designs were just plain ridiculous (thinking about some of the goalkeeper shirts that Kevin Pressman used to wear for example).

The obsession with the kits isn’t a new thing either. It’s long been a topic of discussion on forums such as Owlstalk¬†where debate rages on about the stripes, the colour of the shorts, the colour of the socks and everything else kit related. It’s definitely a hot topic that’s for sure.

Back in the day the kit wasn’t even that important. Designs changed and nobody battered an eyelid. It’s only in recent years that the changes to design and colours have been a big discussion piece.

Sheffield Wednesday Shirts

The price of the kits has also been something of a rising issue with many parents. Many parents have been complaining about the cost of kitting out their young Owls fans. That’s a topic for another day though, and for now we’ll concentrate on the kit designs of the club from past to present.

Everyone has their favourite kits but there must be one that is seen as the all time favourite. We set out to find that shirt and find out what makes it so popular amongst Owls fans.